Top Cats Country Club accommodation for discerning cats

Enjoy your vacation and leave your cats safely with Top Cats Country Club. Our five first-class cat kennel accommodation can cater to up to three feline family members. Each kennel offers a grassed enclosed garden area to explore and stretch out in the sun while we pander to their every need. Your discerning moggy deserves a bit of luxury!

Boarding your pampered pussy cat at Top Cats Country Club has never been easier. With a choice of five separate first-class kennels, every day your feline friend can stretch out or explore their kennel’s fully enclosed grassed area.

Top Cats kennels can also cater to cat families of up to 3 furry friends.

For the more refined, retired aristo-cat, we have a further eleven individual kennels set out in our garden area.

Top Cats Country Club

First class accommodation for Perth city and country cats